What We Do

At Marshal Builders, we combine our passion for custom home design with innovative techniques that, together, yield superior construction, significant insurance savings, peace of mind and a beautiful space that you can enjoy with your family.

For more than 10 years, we have left our mark of unmatched quality in neighborhoods throughout Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, Ono Island, Josephine and Lillian.

As a trusted and well-respected custom home builder, we unify the details of architectural significance with expert techniques that will help your home weather the storm. 

We follow the guidelines that are extensively researched and established by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, and our principal owner is a certified FORTIFIED Home™ Fortified – Wise Professional

FORTIFIED Home™ refers to a set of engineering and building standards that are designed to strengthen homes to reduce damage from natural disasters. It is a third-party certification program that specifies design and construction standards that increase a home’s resilience against tropical storms and hurricanes.

Your home is likely your biggest financial investment, so not only are we committed to making your luxury home high quality and energy efficient, but also, using these guidelines, we are driven to build it to last.

Following these FORTIFIED Home™ guidelines can also offer homeowners significant savings and discounts that increase at each of the program’s three levels. Strengthening the roof system at the Bronze level can yield insurance premium discounts of up to 35 percent. At the Silver level, strengthening the windows and doors as well can bring savings of up to 45 percent. Strengthening the structural system, the Gold level, offers the greatest protection against wind damage, as well as the greatest insurance discounts—up to 50 percent.

Marshal Builders is well-versed in the latest trends in homebuilding techniques and design, as well as more traditional or classic approaches. We are pleased to offer clients our expert full project design services, architectural design consultation and interior design assistance.

For design innovation, premier construction and exceptional customer satisfaction, trust Marshal Builders as your custom home builder. As we diligently work to help you create your dream home, we’ll be with you every step of the way—from establishing a strong foundation to selecting the unique finishing touches that make it your own.